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Useful Information


Valid Passport (at least 6 months validity) and Korean Visa are required for visitors to enter the Republic of Korea. For more accurate information, we recommend you to contact a Korean embassy in each country to ask about necessary documents for visa issuance. It is also highly recommended to apply for visa at least one month before your departure for the Republic of Korea as your visa process may take time. For more information on visa issuance, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.


Getting travel insurance in your country prior to visiting Korea is recommended. Insurance is also available at the Incheon International Airport.
GSRC 2017 shall not be responsible for and shall be exempted from all liabilities in respect of any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or inconvenience to any person, or his/her luggage or any property for any reason whatsoever, for any tourist services provided.


The monetary unit of Korea is Won (KRW).
Korean currency consists of 10, 50, 100 and 500 won coins, and 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 won bills. The exchange rate is approximately US$1 to KRW 1,150 as of March 2017. Most of the businesses in Korea widely accept credit card payments at major hotels, department stores, large restaurants, and stores; Visa, Master, American Express, Diner’s Club and other credit cards can be used.


The weather in Korea is considered a continental climate and characterized by four distinct season: spring, summer, fall and winter. The 1st Global Smart Rail Conference will be held at the middle of summer in Korea, the average temperature during day time will range between 23 ℃ and 28 ℃.

Time Differences

Korea is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +9).


The standard voltage in Korea is 220 volts. The outlet has two round holes and is the same type used in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, and many other countries. If you do not have a multi-voltage travel adapter, you can borrow one from your hotel's front desk. If you want to buy one in Korea, you can do so at a duty-free shop, convenience shop at the airport.

Telephone / Mobile Phone

To make international phone calls, first dial the international dialing code (001, 002 or 008), then the country code, followed by the area code, and then the phone number. Most convenient stores, hotels, and airports sell domestic and international phone cards. It is available to rent mobile phones and apply for roaming services at Incheon and Gimpo International Airports. For more information, please visit the website of each service provider.

Business Hours

Banks 9AM – 4PM (Weekdays only)
Post Offices 9AM – 6PM (Weekdays only)
Department Stores 10:30AM - 8PM (Closed on Mondays)
Major Convenience Stores 24 hours (GS25, CU, Seven Eleven etc.)

Emergency & Useful Numbers

Police 112
Fire and Ambulance 119
International Telephone Information 794
International Call Operator 799
Local Directory Assistance 114
Tourist Information 1330
Tourist Complaint Center +82-2-735-0101
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